Abiosciences offers an end-to-end single-cell and spatial solution from experiments to key bioinformatics insights.

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Bioinformatics Solutions

  • Bioinformatics Services
  • Bioinformatics Algorithms
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Datasets & Platforms Solutions

  • OmniDatasets
  • OmniBrowser®
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Single Cell & Spatial Omics Solutions

  • Single-cell Multi-omics with RNA and protein
    sequencing (CITE-seq)
  • Integrated tissue genomics from frozen tissues
  • Spatial transcriptome from fixed tissues
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Target Discovery Solutions

New targets and biomarkers can be discovered based on precise cell type annotation, a metadata analysis platform, and single-cell techniques.

Using our tools and deep-rooted knowledge of single-cell sequencing, we have developed proprietary drug targets that can be licensed, accelerating your drug discovery process and lowering overall costs.

We invite interested partners to license or co-develop therapeutic leads from our array of validated therapeutic targets.


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