Human diseases in the light of
single cells

Discovery for Cure

Abiosciences is a drug target and therapeutic discovery company harnessing the power of single-cell genomics and bioinformatics to gain molecular insights into human diseases.

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Discovery Research
Made Simple

Abiosciences helps to navigate research with cutting-edge algorithms and solid scientific methodologies.


Designing powerful strategies to render single-cell data into clear scientific insight

Datasets & Platforms

Providing FASTEST way to discover and evaluate biomarkers and drug targets

Single Cell & Spatial Omics

Offering end-to-end single-cell and spatial solutions from samples to data to insights

Harness the Power of
Single-cell Genomics

Our mission is to bring breakthrough discoveries and first-in-class
therapeutics to patients by innovative single-cell bioinformatics and



Our partnership approach is two-fold. First, we are open to collaboratively working with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to co-investigate our extensive single-cell genomics database and key clinical insights gleaned from our efforts and public databases. This facilitates rapid target discovery and validation for our partners on deal terms that are mutually beneficial. Second, we directly out-license validated targets and therapeutic antibodies associated with those targets for clinical development. Foremost, we expedite novel and therapies for patients to alleviate disease condition.

Partners & Clients


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