Single-cell Analytics Solutions

Single-cell genomics analysis (Standard)

The single-cell genomics analysis introduces researchers with the concept of cellular heterogeneity and identifies functional cell subpopulations within customers’ single-cell dataset. Specialized solutions of our analysis team ensure optimal de-noising of the gene expression data, enabling effective extraction of biological insights.

Single-cell genomics analysis (Advanced)

The professional analysis service aims to cater for customer’s interests in specific biological and clinical questions, performing analysis in a customized way. In addition to the basic services in the promotion version, our standard analysis pipeline incorporates cutting-edge public or proprietary bioinformatics tools to identify rare cell types, perform cell lineage tracking, infer developmental trajectories, spatial distributions and inter-cellular interactions of single cells.

Customized in-depth analysis

Based on all the analysis content in the professional edition and utilizing the in-house single-cell genomics research expertise, we will help researchers accelerate their research by providing experimental design and taking advantage of public data, and help extract additional biological or clinical insights from single-cell data.

Single-cell Multi-omics Solutions

Single-cell 3’/5’ RNA sequencing

10X Genomics 3’/5’ single-cell transcriptome technology reveals differences in gene expression at the single-cell level, effectively solving the biological problem of tissue heterogeneity, such as tumors.

Single-cell immune profiling

The 10X 5’ product with V(D)J profiling offers comprehensive, scalable solutions for measuring immune repertoire information and gene expression from the same cell.

Single-cell full-length RNA sequencing

SMART-seq2 single-cell RNA-seq technology can amplify full-length transcripts and is widely used in the in-depth study of single-cell transcriptomes.

Single-cell chromatin accessibility profiling

The 10X Chromium Single Cell ATAC-seq provides a comprehensive, scalable approach to determine the regulatory landscape of chromatin in hundreds to thousands of cells in a single sample.

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