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Abiosciences is the US headquarters of Analytical Biosciences, a single cell genomics company focusing on accelerating the development of novel therapeutics. Its mission is to unlock the mechanism of diseases through the most advanced translational single cell platforms with the largest, high-resolution databases, and the most comprehensive commercial grade data analytics. Led by science and data, the company has been and will continue to generate new knowledge and compile/organize insights for the identification and validation of novel cellular targets and biomarkers, which ultimately lead to next generation breakthrough therapeutics and diagnostics.


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Visium Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE

Posted Mar 2022

In Vitro and In Silico Solutions

Posted Mar 2022


Breaking news and amazing progress in science and development of Abiosciences.

Dr. Dongxiao Zhang joins Analytical Biosciences as Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Company

On May 1, 2022, Analytical Biosciences is pleased to announce that Dr. Dongxiao (Tony) Zhang, a veteran of the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry, joins as Chief Executive Officer of Abiosciences Inc., who will lead company’s single cell genomics partnership and services, sales and marketing, and corporate development.

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Dr. Su Zhang Joins Analytical BioSciences as Vice President of Global Strategy and Business Development

March 1, 2022, Analytical BioSciences (Abio) is pleased to announce that Dr. Su Zhang, a life sciences and pharmaceutical industry veteran, joins Abio as Vice President, Global Head of BD and Strategy. She will lead the pharmaceutical and biotechnology business partnerships and strategic development for the company.

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Dr. Xiaodong Andy Huang is promoted as the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Analytical BioSciences

Dr. Xiaodong Andy Huang, Senior Vice President of Analytical BioSciences (Abio), is promoted to Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) to lead the company's overall drug R&D work, also will lead the Shanghai Discovery and Development Center to continuously improve the company's drug R&D capabilities and further accelerate the development of our innovative drug pipeline and discovery platforms.

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[Publication] Journal of Experimental Medicine | Single-cell immune profiling reveals functional diversity of T cells in tuberculous pleural effusion

Jan 21th, 2022, Beijing - Analytical BioSciences Ltd. (Abio), a leader in single cell genomics, is pleased to share that our client, Prof. Xinchun Chen’s group in Shenzhen University School of Medicine, has published a paper about tuberculous pleural effusion (TPE) in Journal of Experimental Medicine. Abio made great contributions to the single-cell data analysis part of the study.

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Abiosciences provide several single cell solutions for scientific research and drug discovery/development.

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