Human diseases in the light of single cells. 

  •  Single-cell sequencing

  •  Cancer genomics

  •  Bioinformatics and biological big data mining

  •  Drug targets and biomarkers discovery


Genomic technologies and bioinformatics have been the major engines transforming biology into digital sciences. A wide array of single cell sequencing technologies, in particular, have empowered scientists to re-visit many of the fundamental biological and medical problems with unprecedented precision. Complex diseases such as cancer and immunological disorders are now put into the new spotlight, revealing their hidden mysteries and vulnerabilities. Despite such promising outlooks, tremendous challenges remain in mastering single cell technologies and interweaving the complex new data.

Analytical Biosciences aims to create and harness the human disease precision atlas through cutting-edge single-cell genomics and bioinformatics. By partnering with researchers and clinicians from biomedical research institutes, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, we will strive to unleash the power of genomics and bioinformatics in understanding major human diseases. We hope to identify novel therapeutic targets and develop innovative therapeutic strategies through navigating our comprehensive disease single-cell atlas, performing intelligent big data mining, and enabling our partners across the wide biotechnology discipline.


Emerging single-cell sequencing technologies can now readily profile thousands of cells, revealing their multidimensional characteristics from transcriptome to chromatin accessibility. With the aid of computational methods, such single cell data can not only reveal cell subtypes, but also their functional states, developmental transitions, lineages and interactions. Our core competency is the convergence of the state-of-the-art single-cell genomic platforms, advanced bioinformatics tools, and sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

Single-cell sequencing
Cancer genomics
Bioinformatics and biological data mining
Drug targets and biomarkers discovery

Ultimately, we leverage integrated and efficient solutions for biological, clinical and pharmaceutical communities, bridging the gap between cutting-edge technologies and rapid development of therapeutic and clinical strategies.

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